Drowning in a Single Malt

Hello there,

Yes, I realise I haven’t posted in a long time and when I did it was not incredibly interesting to say the least. Well, anyway, for those of you that might see this, I wrote two new poems over the past two days. Both are a bit gloomy and if I’m honest, I’m not really happy with either of them. But the internet has taught that it is always better to get some second opinions and criticism.



I drown again
in the whirlpool of life,
floundering helplessly
and unable to stop.

Caught, and faith abandoned;
charred remains litter the bedside,
lonely and forgotten.

Fuelled by history
and ignited with a phrase;
what have you
and I become.

M.W.D Lewis

It was only written yesterday and has had minimal editing. So please, all criticism welcome.

The Single Malt

A single malt,
aged about 27 years;
You should be ripe,
but instead you’re bitter.

The cork cracked
and crumbled away;
The label faded
and you forgot who you were.

Reputation and friends
eroded away.
Your flavour to strong,
for them to bare.

Now you’re lonely,
untouched and unloved.
Occupied by
a time long gone.

M.W.D Lewis

This has had barely been edited. Let me know what you think. I realise neither are in my normal style of writing, but I praise my sudden poetry revival. I won’t lie, I can hardly remember the last time I wrote. So, watch this space… I suppose.

Yours Gratefully,

M.W.D. Lewis

Keeping Busy While Waiting For Employment…

Officially I have a job, but I’m still waiting on a start date. My CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check has come through so all I’m waiting for is an appointment with Occupational Health. So while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been working on a certain site and have been putting way too much effort into it. It’s lead me into an over the top in depth look at military ranks, awards and decorations. It also means I’ve been creating fictional posts and awards for people involved in the site.

Admiral Mike Lewis

And here is also an imaginary ribbon bar of the various awards I would have liked to have given myself, but have scaled back for the site.


Did you know that there was also a pennant called the Gin Pennant which was flown to invite officers from ships in company to drinks.

Amazing huh?

Happy New Year!

It’s been a bit of a crazy start to the new year for me, but I’m confident as ever that this is my YEAR!!

It started with the usual drunken New Years celebrations and a job application to be a Funeral Director. That’s right, A Funeral Director. Unfortunately I wasn’t selected for an interview (Not sure if that is a good or bad outcome), but I did get a job interview for a hospital that is 2 hours journey from me. I’m really hoping to get this job, so please wish me luck.

I’m still writing away. This includes the story I started for NaNoWriMo. I’ve also started work on a little side project. It’s mainly an animation series about a group of British superheroes mixed with comical elements. We’ll see how it pans out.

I also hope to writing more poetry this year. I had a major lull in my poetry due to my confinement of one area. I normally write best when on long journeys or on long walks. Getting this job will help that.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good year and we’ll see how it goes!

The Weekend

The Weekend

Heavy eyes and a sore head,
my weekend went too quick.
Monday morning I’m laying in bed
and thinking of calling in sick.

By M.W.D. Lewis 17/09/12

Incidentally the night after I wrote this poem, I did have to call in sick to work on the Monday morning. Comments always welcomed!

The Affair

I didn’t post this poem for a while as the feelings were still too raw. Now I feel I can post it, so I will.

The Affair

a heart broken
might never mend;
he did it again.

No thought
for the lives involved.
Those disappearances
have now been solved.

Now what?
what will become
of your wife,
daughters and sons.

By M.W.D. Lewis


Comments appreciated 😀


A new-ish poem. I wrote it last month.


and ready to fall
from the planet
into the nothingness
of space.

The swirling
mess of Jupiter,
reminds me of myself.

My life;
the Great Red Spot,
ever as persistant
and just as stormy.

I have no halo
or any golden rings.
Yet I have the moons,
the friends,
which I see
just as often.

By M.W.D. Lewis

I’m not too sure if anyone cares, but I updated the ‘about me‘ page as well.

Spiralling, But Not Out Of Control Yet

When I was working, I used to go out drinking every weekend and sometimes during the week. I could always handle my drink. I’d have up to 12 pints and enjoy myself and get home safe and sound. However, the last two weekends I seem to have lost this ability. The week before last I did this:

Last weekend I ended up dressed like this:

What I am trying to say is that I’m not feeling in control of my life anymore. Another big tell-tale sign is when I have mundane dreams. If reality becomes to hectic for me, my dreams become more and more mundane. The other day I dreamt I was buying ink cartridges for my printer. In another dream I was on the phone to a friend arranging a time to see the new Tenacious D movie…

However, I’m sure that now Rob is back to look after me, I’ll be getting back on track. He was away in Bognor for the weekend. I know he’ll sort me back into normality.

Now I shall leave you with a poem I found this morning. Do not be alarmed about the title. I wrote it in code.


Sleepy eyes,
and heavy hands
with my broken soul
and rare smile;

I’ll rule this town,
but not today.
You’ll rue the day
we ever met.

By M.W.D. Lewis

Unfinished And Untitled, But Here You Go

Last week, I wrote several poems. None of them I really considered worthy of the internet. Although with all the crap on the internet they probably were. Anywho, I wanted to share this particular one, even though it is untitled and unfinished, because it is one of my oh-so-rare poems about love. It’s not an entirely happy one, but hardly any of my poems are. The reason I cite is that I am generally very happy in life and when I am not will write it out of my system. Anymoo, let’s be on with it…

You are my rock
and I smother you in paper
because I just want to protect you
and make you much safer.

Though without you, I am nothing.
I wouldn’t have a life to live.
I’m trying to love you the best I can
and I’m sorry there’s no more I can give.

By M.W.D. Lewis

Comments always welcome 🙂

My First Haiku

I’ve recently found myself intrigued by haiku’s. I like to meditate as a means of relaxing, similar to Buddhists. Buddhists however try to find enlightenment and will often write Haiku’s in reflection of the world around them often after meditating. So, Inspired by the beauty of Haiku’s from the masters of old, I decided to give it a go myself.

My first attempt is no work of art, but I was thinking if I post my first ever one, I could then show improvement later in the month, or not. Anyway, here goes:

Summer’s Night

Cool breeze on calm night
Still trees and no birds in flight
Morning brings the chaos

By M.W.D. Lewis 02/07/12

I know they are not normally dated, but I like to date everything for reflection.

Can’t Think Of A Title – Suggestions Welcomed

Tonight I find myself unable to sleep because of another warped nightmare; hence why I am writing this at 4:00am. This nightmare consisted of doors from the Tower of London (don’t ask). So, I decided typing up so of the poems I have recently written might be a better use of this time, even if I do have a job interview at 11:00am this morning.

I have been able to title this one, so I thought I could put here and maybe get suggestions…

Untitled 5

and every night;
they are one
and the same.

I miss it,
by binging;
the night was young
and so was I.

My soul fractured
almost a month

The world
turned its back
on me,
but not the friends
that live and breathe
and look after me.

Clinging on,
I’m fighting through
and not giving up;
my strength renewed.

The days will tell,
their secrets revealed;
but for now
the sun and clouds
keep their lips sealed,
for now.

By M.W.D. Lewis

So what do you think? and Can you name it?