Drowning in a Single Malt

Hello there,

Yes, I realise I haven’t posted in a long time and when I did it was not incredibly interesting to say the least. Well, anyway, for those of you that might see this, I wrote two new poems over the past two days. Both are a bit gloomy and if I’m honest, I’m not really happy with either of them. But the internet has taught that it is always better to get some second opinions and criticism.



I drown again
in the whirlpool of life,
floundering helplessly
and unable to stop.

Caught, and faith abandoned;
charred remains litter the bedside,
lonely and forgotten.

Fuelled by history
and ignited with a phrase;
what have you
and I become.

M.W.D Lewis

It was only written yesterday and has had minimal editing. So please, all criticism welcome.

The Single Malt

A single malt,
aged about 27 years;
You should be ripe,
but instead you’re bitter.

The cork cracked
and crumbled away;
The label faded
and you forgot who you were.

Reputation and friends
eroded away.
Your flavour to strong,
for them to bare.

Now you’re lonely,
untouched and unloved.
Occupied by
a time long gone.

M.W.D Lewis

This has had barely been edited. Let me know what you think. I realise neither are in my normal style of writing, but I praise my sudden poetry revival. I won’t lie, I can hardly remember the last time I wrote. So, watch this space… I suppose.

Yours Gratefully,

M.W.D. Lewis

Ah Bollocks! Day 6, 7 & 8

I apologise. My weekends are normally very busy and this weekend just gone was absolutely hectic. I would love to say it won’t happen again, however, next weekend is going to be as busy from Thursday onwards. I shall try my best though and we’ll see if I make any more cock ups along the way 😀


Your Views On Mainstream Music

On the whole (hehe, read it aloud (I’m so childish)), I quite enjoy mainstream music. I like all types of music except Rap, Jazz and Techno. I admit there is a lot of shite out there, but there is also a few good songs/artists out there. I do dislike the way how some songs are so explicit these days. I’m not talking about swearing, but rather innuendo about sex, etc. It’s especially wrong when you hear young children singing these songs without having a clue of the lyrics meaning. What has the world come to…


Five Pet Peeves

1. Whistling. I can’t stand it. I find it cheap.

2. Umbrellas. It’s not really umbrellas per-say, it’s rather the people that use them. The ones that stab you in the eye with them or let them drip all over you on the train.

3. Arrogance. There is no need for arrogance in the world.

4. Violence. I accept that in certain cases, violence is necessary. Mindless violence though is something abhor.

5. I really can’t think of a fifth. I struggles with three onwards to be honest. I’m laid back, I suppose.


What You Ate Today

The boyfriend is the better cook.


So far I’m not enjoying 2011. It came up way too fast, I’m poor entering it and I’ve been sick already. I don’t really think this is a good start to the new year, but oh well.

It’s also hard to imagine what could possibly be in store for us in 2011. Especially when 2010 was such a crazy year itself. Earthquakes, A solar eclipse, Expensive art works, Tensions between North and South Korea, Polish government plane crash, Volcanic ash cloud, BP oil spill, Greece bail out, Even more expensive art work, Israeli navy aggression, Ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan, Spain winning the World Cup, Wikileaks controversy, Flooding in Pakistan, Trapped Chilean miners, Aung San Suu Kyi released from house arrest, The creation of antimatter, Irish bail out, More North and South Korean tensions, New arsenic-based life forms and the first total lunar eclipse since 1638.

Sorry, There’s not so much I have to write about these days. I not very imaginative or creative these days. I will try harder, although I cannot promise anything.



I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable: I am not a robot

I’m ill, really ill and feeling sorry for myself. This might be because I’m getting little sympathy at home or from work. I don’t really blame them. So, I guessed it would be a great time to write a post.

Is it bothering anyone else how quickly Christmas has sneaked up on us. It’s now a month and 3 days away. My mum is panicking me because she has already done her Christmas shopping and has wrapped it too. Compared to her, I am so far behind…

On a completely different note, being ill has made me slightly creative again. It would seem being bored with nothing to do makes me focus on writing. It’s mainly the poetry I have been working on as I can’t really focus on one thing for long as it gives me a major headache.

I’m missing most of my friends too. I haven’t seen a lot of them recently due a card/money problem and now my illness. My life can be so cruel sometimes.

Sorry for whinging so much (I feel this is a regular trend to my posts). Hopefully my next post will be from a happier time.

I’m back…

Estonia was amazing. I wish I had just gone to Latvia and Lithuania as well.

So, I’m going to blog much more these days to keep myself sober and off the streets. I hope you’ll join me on my ride. I’m hoping I can propel the blog back into the good ole days, where it was quite funny and entertaining. It’ll just be like my diary, although I won’t be quite as revealing as I do have a career and life to consider. God forbid if ever my colleagues found this…

I have also neglected my own personal diary, which is now in a very sorry state of affairs. I read back over it and find myself hating the life I led am leading. This also coupled with a book I am currently reading. It’s an actual 15 year old girls diary. It’s really scary and hard-hitting because she is introduced to drugs, starts dealing, runs away from home, is repeatedly raped while high and is currently (up to where I am in the book) practically homeless and very ill. I know that in the end she dies and this is just not same route I want to go down…

VAT is now 20%. Screw that… Just another case of the rich royally fucking the poor!!

Off To Estonia…

There’s been a lot to write about, but I haven’t found the time. My commitment to this blog has been appalling, but after Estonia I look forward to blogging more regularly.

As you know now, I will be going to Estonia tomorrow for 8 days. Really can’t wait…

See you in 8 days?