Back On Track

I feel I am back at track. Late Thursday nights partying away in some god awful club until 5 o’clock in the morning or Sunday nights in German beer houses lending to Soho’s gayest club* are all behind me.

*The club is called G-A-Y.

Today, I’m bringing in the normality. Allowing myself a rare glimpse into a life I’ve never really allowed myself to settle into. This is it. Although, I’m not as panicked as I thought I would be. Dare I say, I’m kind of enjoying it.

I do have a cheaper vice replacing my alcoholism and today I am going to use it to brighten any tedium I might encounter. I am betting on the football. I got heavily into football following the last World Cup. On the World Cup I made a nice £100 on bets of £2 each. I’ve found myself now unable to miss a Fulham match (my team) and now I feel confident enough to bet on a few teams.

I’ve whet my appetite with three bets of £5. Two of them are pretty safe bets of four selections. The last one however is a crazy 13 selections with the chance of netting me £92,000. Lets hope I win that one!

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