My Heavy Heart and I’m the Fool

Another twofer. Seems I can only write in twos these days.

My Heavy Heart

My heavy heart
has sunk once more
down to new depths.

That veil of trust,
torn in betrayal.

The sky poured its sorrow
down on me
to cleanse my soul,
But it left me bare,
empty and cold.

I just can’t forgive
or forget,
just not yet.

By M.W.D. Lewis 18/02/2014

I’m the Fool

I’m the fool;
by the love that kept us together.

And I thought;
was to be for the better.

Now anger rules
and jealousy.
Trust abandoned
so carelessly.

My heart grows;
battered, worn and weathered.

By M.W.D. Lewis 19/02/2014

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